the first 15 days

Soup without insole (broth only), Chicken or meat broth.
The soup should be at room temperature.

Eat the soup slowly & when a feeling of satiation stops eating immediately. At this stage, it is important that a lot of fluid is added to the body.

Drink 1 - 1.5 liters of still water, Lime blossom tea or fennel tea, fruit juices

(Except Orange everything is permitted)

Each food that you eat or drink, eat carefully, if it does not get you then just try again a week or two later to eat.

Always important: as soon as a feeling of satiation occurs please stop eating IMMEDIATELY.

the next 15 days

as in the first two steps broth, water, fruit juices and teas.

Now you can get lactose-free milk, natural yoghurt (without fruit or chocolate pieces),

take ayran or kefir to himself.

In the yogurt or milk please mix a spoonful of protein powder.


An example day:

Breakfast: broth, without sugar very light unsweetened tea

1. Snack: lactose free milk or fruit juice

Lunch: Lactose free milk, soup with puréed inlay

2. snack lactose free milk, fruit juice (no orange juice this week)

Dinner: lactose free milk, soup with puréed inlay

Snack: lactose free milk


If you eat a boiled egg every morning, you no longer need the protein powder.

Fish (tuna, salmon, trout) cooked, grilled or steamed NOT fried.

From now on, you can eat the inside of the bread with some cream cheese, but chew well and eat slowly.
Puree soft vegetables and potatoes.


After 1 month:

In addition, meatballs, soft chicken or beef. The vegetables do not have to be pureed anymore.

You should now increase the amount of fluid to 2 liters a day.

Avoid spicy foods 


After 6 weeks:

Now you should have learned to eat healthy.

Always eat a boiled egg, tomatoes, cucumbers, olives and cheese in the morning.

Do not drink to dinner either 30 minutes before eating or 30 minutes after eating.

For solid food please chew very well. 


Recommendations when problems arise:


constipation                                       You have taken enough water to itself

diarrhea                                               Lactose omit free milk After lactation, lactose intolerance
                                                              may be low. Try probiotic yogurts. Do not drink water with meals

Nausea and vomiting                        Immediately stop eating when the feeling of satiety occurs, chew
                                                              food and eat slowly

hair loss                                               Take biotin, increase proteins

extreme hunger                                  increase your daily protein intake and reduce carbohydrates food with                                                                      plenty of calories and a low satiety you should avoid.

                                                              (hot chocolate with cream, ice tea, fizzy drinks .......) 


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